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Breeders' Directory
Individual Kennel pages
Possibly Cairn results from Terrier Club Specialties (photos of BOB winners & any 'in Show winners?)
Honours Board - - New Champions
Rainbow Bridge: Honour your Cairns of the past by placing their photo on the 'Wall of Memories'.  Details on the page.
Older dogs available and/or homes lookinng for older dogs
'Stuff' for Sale / Wanted
Mating Notices
Litter News
Stud Dog Directory
All sorts of 'info pages -
Breed Characteristics - overview
Breed Standard
Health - what predisposed to; what breeders are doing about it etc
Grooming - Trimming/Stripping etc
Puppies -

   The Cairn Terrier, History, Training, Selection, Care & Breeding, by Christine Carter.
   The New Cairn Terrier, by Betty Marcum.
   All About the Cairn Terrier, by John Gordon.
   The Cairn Terrier, by Beynton and Fisher, et al.
   The Complete Cairn Terrier, by John Marvin.
Submit photo/details of your new Champ
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